Our Daily Bread
Vegetarian Bakery & Deli
We are interested in your well being. Visit us today for breakfast, lunch or a cup of homemade soup and slice of fresh bread.
Tues-Thurs 8:00am -5:00pm , Fri 8:00am -4:00pm , Sun 9:00am -4:00pm, Sat and Mon : Closed

Our Menu


we use non GMO, organic grains and we grind the wheat. We have lots of vegan options. Overall we use very little refined sugars. All of our vegetables are organic.


Our pies are all homemade and are made with very little refined sugar.


Various Fresh Baked Cookies are available on Thursday’s.


We offer carrot zucchini apple muffins.
The Bakers Story
Dianna Shull, opened Our Daily Bread Vegetarian Bakery and Deli on December 11 in Lakewood, fulfilling a life-long dream. “I’m exhausted,” Dianna exclaims, “but in a good way.” The excitement she feels at owning her own bakery and deli is evident in her voice.
As a small girl, Dianna began grinding her own wheat, baking bread and sharing the finished product with others. As an adult, she spent time as head cook at a self-supporting school in Laurelbrook, Tennessee and again as head cook for Mount Etna’s blind camp in Hagerstown, Maryland.
My training was in the school of hard knocks.” Dianna explains.
Knowing she wanted to open a bakery, Dianna’s son, a business owner himself, began looking for property and she began praying that the Lord would bring it about if His desire was for her to run a bakery, but it had to be His doing.
Then her son found their current property and wanted her to have a look. The place had to be gutted, but her son took care of everything, bringing in people to do the remodel. When it came time to equip the place, she prayed again, asking for good prices. They looked at used equipment, but didn’t find the specialty stuff they needed.

Handmade With Love


We make everything from scratch with love and the best possible ingredients.


We hope to always meet your health needs and do it with a smile.


We make our items from scratch with love daily.  Our items are mostly organic.


We are a Vegetarian Bakery with several Vegan options available on a daily basis.